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Florida Crotchwood Mobile Sawmill
We Slab Big Trees

Our Slabs are available at Ace Hardware in High Springs
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Big_Red_Eucalyptus“Big Red Eucalyptus” photos of the largest tree I have cut to date.

We are a multifaceted Mobile Saw Mill business. We are best known for cutting large slabs up to 60 inches wide. NEW ~ We now also have the ability to plane 60″ wide slabs.

We also offer for sale:

  • Wet and dry slabs in various lengths and widths
  • Woodturning blanks wet and dry in squares, rounds, and spindle stock

The success of your project is very important to us. We have a large contact list and will gladly assist in any aspect of your project.

Please take your time and visit each  area of the web site.

Contact Info:  (386) 454-9833 phone • (239) 822-6762 cell
192 SW Quail Place • Fort White FL 32038-3020
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