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Spalted Sycamore, Hickory, Red Bay crotch, Camphor, Camphor crotch, Monkey Pod, and Monkey Pod crotch

Coming Soon: Large Counter Top and Table Top Material in Red Oak, Pecan, Eucalyptus, Flame Box Elder, Laurel Oak, and Orange Spalted Sweet Gum

The long awaited Giant Pecan Slabs cut in 2015 are finally ready to go in the kiln. Highly figured 48-60+ inches wide and 7′ – 9′ 5″ long ~ straight and crotch grain still available. Between our slabs and our customers slabs we have over 40 large thick pecan slabs ready to become one-of-a-kind heirloom pieces. Once your slab is out of the kiln, we have the ability to plane it flat on both sides. All you have left to do is build a base, sand and apply a finish.

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Florida Crotchwood Mobile Sawmill
We Slab Big Trees

“Big Red Eucalyptus” photos of the largest tree I have cut to date.

We are a multifaceted Mobile Saw Mill business. We are best known for cutting large slabs up to 60 inches wide. NEW ~ We now also have the ability to plane 60″ wide slabs.

We also offer for sale:

  • Wet and dry slabs in various lengths and widths
  • Wood-turning blanks wet and dry in squares, rounds, and spindle stock

The success of your project is very important to us. We have a large contact list and will gladly assist in any aspect of your project.

Please take your time and visit each  area of the web site.

Contact Info:
(386) 454-9833 phone • (239) 822-6762 cell
192 SW Quail Place • Fort White FL 32038-3020