Customer Slabs for Sale

Customer Slabs for Sale

Many times during the cutting process, our customers realize they have more slabs than they can actually use. We offer as a service to our customers our website to assist in selling their excess slabs. Listed below are a few of our customers that you can contact to purchase slabs from their cutting job.

We have created a web page for each customer that has asked us to post some of the slabs they have for sale. However, we can only show a dozen or fewer photographs per page. In reality, we take dozens of photographs in the course of each job. We photograph each and every beautiful slab. If you would like to see all of the photos taken for any individual customer, you may contact us and purchase a DVD of of the images available for that custting job. DVD’s are $10 each and you must specify by customer name which DVD you would like. If you would like to see the DVD for more than one customer, you must purchase them for $10 each. However, you may return any DVD in “like new” condition for a $5 refund.

Stuart Wenzel 11/11/2015

Bryan & Linda Rucker 2/29/2016

Snider Family Pecan 4/15/2016