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Custom Cutting

The slabbing head on our Lucas Mill can cut up to 60″ wide with a maximum depth of cut of 10″!   The slabber is a chain saw turned horizontally that travels on two aluminum rails.

NEW ~ We now also have the ability to plane 60″ wide slabs.

Lucas Mill can cut up to 6 inches wide

Customer’s Big Lemon Eucalyptus (a yard tree)

If you have a log you would like to cut into two or three inch material for live edge tables or countertops, this is the correct tool for the job!

paula cedars

Paula and Rob cut 58 inch wide cedar crotch
(notice the bookmatch in background)

all Viable Lumber’s volunteers

If you want big slabs and boards, we can make it happen. We have team cut many times with Lumber By Lance.

If your log is too big for the Woodmiser we can cut it into slabs which can then be cut into boards. Moving large slabs safely requires teamwork and coordination. Randy (my knowledgable assistant) and I have worked together for several years as a team. We know how to move big slabs. It’s what we do!

What We Supply

  • A Lucas Dedicated Slabber
  • Myself and my assistant
  • We will furnish blocking material and jacks
  • A roller trailer for moving the slabs if you don’t have equipment
Chock the Wheels

Chock the Wheels

Easy Does It No Heavy Lifting

Easy does it, no heavy lifting

Let the rollers do the work

Let the rollers do the work

Safe and Sound

That’s one big slab!

What You Supply

  • You will need concrete blocks and 4×4 (preassure treated) to build your base for stacking the slabs
  • Wood palettes may also be used for short stays
  • Large slabs need a partly shaded area with good air flow all around
  • Kiln Dried 2×2′s (not pressure treated which stains)
  • 2×2 stickers (2×2′s the width of the slab to be placed every 18-24 inches across the slab)
  • 4-6 boxes of borax (bug deterrant)
  • End Seal paint to slow down “end checking” (cracks)
  • Sheets of tin or a tarp to cover the slabs
  • If you use a tarp, build a bridge for the top.
  • Heavy objects or ratchet straps to hold the tarps or tin
Red Bay end coat

End Coat

Red Bay stack

Stacked using 2×2 stickers

Red Bay end sealed and Boraxed

Sealed and Boraxed

Red Bay stacked and tarped

Stacked and Tarped

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